Overseas Business

NIPPN is promoting business overseas with the aim of becoming a multifaceted global food company.

NIPPN's international business operations

  • NIPPN's international business operations have put in place a system capable of supplying safe and high-quality products not only to the respective local domestic markets but also to Japan and third countries.


①Tianjin Chuan Shun Foods., Ltd.
Sale of premix products, etc.

②NIPPN (Shanghai Jinshan) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and sale of premix products

NIPPN (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Sale of premix products, etc.

④NIPPN (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Manufacture and sale of premix products

Sale of premix products, etc.

PT. NIPPN Foods Indonesia
Sale of premix products, etc.

Pasta Montana, L.L.C.

Manufacture and sale of pasta

NIPPN California Inc.
Sale of premix products, etc.

Initiatives for further expansion of the international business operations

In addition to expansion of overseas production sites and business fields, the NIPPN Group will continue to promote global diversification in order to accelerate initiatives for partnerships with companies overseas, M&A, and expansion of exports.

  • Expansion of overseas production sites and business fields

Pasta Montana, L.L.C.
Operation of a new line in 2017 (40% increase in capacity)

NIPPN (Shanghai Jinshan) Co., Ltd.
Operation started in October2018

Operation of a new line in 2018 (40% increase in capacity)
Construction of a frozen food plant (planned)

PT. NIPPN Foods Indonesia
Construction of a premix plant (planned)

Expansion of exports

Featured Products

Tempura Batter Mix (TA-880E/TA-890E)

TA-880E helps you make a great looking tempura. If you like white color coating and crispy texture with smooth mouth feel, this batter mix works for you.

TA-890E helps you make a good looking tempura without putting additional batter while deep fried. Just dip and deep fry.

Healthcare ingredients

Flaxseed is the seed of Linum usitatissimum L. and is recognized as a "super seed" in Western countries. Produced only from 100% golden flaxseed that has been developed for food. We conduct GMO testing and analyze the residual agrochemicals in the flaxseed.

Ceramides are the center of attention as materials for tropical and beauty-from-within products. All NIPPN's ceramides are derived from plants. Our ceramides are extracted and purified in a unique way. They contain only traces of impurities that may affect the color, taste, and smell; further, they have excellent processing stability, which enables their application in a wide variety of products.

An oral care material extracted from grape pomace generated during the production of red wine.

This is an exercise-support ingredient extracted which included maslinic acid, commonly found in olives. In human clinical trials, it has been shown that this product reduces the burden on the knees and increases muscular strength in conjunction with exercise.