Research & Development

We utilize the new technologies obtained through our research in new products that are environmentally-friendly and closely focused on the needs of our customers.

We use basic research into grains and cereal flour and studies related to the characteristics of secondary processed products to develop the optimal products.
We offer objective and accurate testing and support regarding food hygiene, safety, quality control, ingredient and nutrient analysis, use-by dates, etc.
We engage in research and development into health functionality and research and development using biotechnology, in order to work on the development of new businesses that contribute to extending the healthy life-spans of people.
We offer expert handling of matters related to patents and utility models, and acquire and manage as intellectual property rights the inventions and devices created in the divisions within our company or in our affiliates.

We are continuing to challenge ourselves to explore the unlimited possibilities of food product development.

In order to satisfy our customers and open up a bright future for the food marketplace, we are conducting research and development into a wide range of products from premixes to frozen foods, for both the commercial and household sectors.
Furthermore, we are continuing to challenge ourselves to strengthen basic food product technologies while also developing, expanding, and commercializing food products in new areas.

Technical Centers

We develop applications for our company's products and propose them to our customers

In four technology centers in the east, middle, and west of Japan and in Fukuoka, we implement the secondary processing operations for flour and other food ingredients (bread-making, noodle-making, confectionary-making, etc.) Through these operations, we endeavor to be helpful to our customers; moreover, we actively engage in studies and research about food manufacturing so that we can reach even higher levels of achievement.

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