Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance personal information, NIPPN CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as the “NIPPN”) is committed to the implementation and strict observance of the following privacy policy.

1. Purpose

NIPPN, engaged in the manufacturing and sales business of food and other products, and in its efforts to provide better services to its customers, may collect personal information from its customers mainly to be used for the following purposes:
- to contact customers who have participated in customer surveys and events; and
- to deliver information likely to be useful to the customers.

2. Nondisclosure

NIPPN does not provide personal information to any third parties for cases that fall under the following conditions.

NIPPN shall not disclose the customer's personal information to third parties:

  • without first obtaining the prior consent of the customer;
  • without making a public announcement in advance that collected personal information is intended to be shared with a third party;
  • except in cases in which the handling of personal information is consigned within the scope required to a third party;
  • unless processing of the personal information is being outsourced to a third party;
  • without making a public announcement that the personal information will be shared by a third party and to what extent;
  • unless the personal information is disclosed and/or provided as a statistical data in the way that individual customers can not be identified;
  • unless its disclosure is required by law;
  • with the exception of cases in which it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of people, where it is difficult to secure the consent of the customer; and
  • except in cases in which it is necessary to cooperate with national agencies, local governments, or their consigned parties in the execution of official work prescribed by law, and where securing the consent of the customer may hinder execution of the said work.