Philosophy & Policy

Management Philosophy of NIPPN

Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by pursuing the well-being (happiness, health, and smiles) of people.

Management Philosophy

Management Policy of NIPPN

Together with our customers

We deliver health and smiles to all customers through “Food experience”. We will create a new era of “Food” by developing products and services that anticipate change, harnessing the technological capabilities, which have been developed since our founding, and the DX.

Together with our employees

We are committed to solving social issues with enthusiasm and passion within a fair and open corporate culture.

Together with our shareholders

We will work to enhance corporate value through highly transparent information disclosure and dialogue with shareholders.

Together with society

As a resilient company that practices ESG management, we are committed to working with our partners both within and outside of Japan with a focus on the actual situation in Japan and overseas to create a better society and a better planet.

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