Our Business

  • Flour Milling Business

    We offer the total support that our customers seek and we supply flour that is safe and has a consistent quality.

  • Food Materials Business

    We support a rich food lifestyle through our proposals of professional-use food ingredients, including professional-use premix, corn, rice flour, seasonings, etc.

  • Processed Foods Business

    The Oh'my brand is eliminating the dissatisfaction of our customers in their kitchens!

  • Frozen Foods Business

    We offer easily-cooked cuisine with an authentic good taste.We are further expanding the appeal of frozen food.

  • Nakashoku (Ready-made Meals) Business

    Providing a wide variety of products with great taste that can easily be enjoyed.

  • Other Businesses

    We are building a variety of future-focused businesses that utillize the know-how we developed in the flour milling and food businesses.

  • Overseas Business

    We offer safe and high-quality products utilizing the technologies we developed in our domestic business to our overseas customers.