NIPPN aspires to contribute through food to the good health of everyoneand help create a society where happiness abounds and children’s faces are full of smiles.

Commitment to the environment

Respecting the fruits of the earth, the NIPPN Group is conducting business activities related to food. Mindful that our business activities impact the environment, we strive to contribute to a sustainable society promoting a harmony between people and the environment.

Use of environmentally friendly PEFC-certified paper and eco-paper trays

We use environmentally friendly PEFC-certified paper*1and eco-paper trays made from unbleached wood pulp for packaging of frozen pasta and frozen rice dishes.


eco-paper trays

  • *1Paper certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification(PEFC), an international NGO, as a product from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources

Support for UNICEF

NIPPN has been supporting children around the world through UNICEF since 1996, thus contributing to sound development of children worldwide. Our employees can participate in a monthly payroll giving program and we provide continuous support, including sponsorship of events.

Sponsorship of UNICEF Love Walkorganized by the Japan Committee for UNICEF

This is an event to encourage people to promote health by walking for fun while contributing to the health of children in developing countries through UNICEF. The participation fees are used for UNICEF activities. NIPPN has been providing Oh’my pasta every year for in-kind sponsorship.

Commitment to safety and quality

NIPPN is committed to earning the trust of all customers. The first principle of our code of conduct states, “We continue to offer safe and high-quality products and services to all customers". In accordance with the code of conduct, we have established systems and are promoting various initiatives for ensuring food safety and security.

FSSC/ISO certifications gained

NIPPN Group is pursuing initiatives for certifications by external institutions for food safety and quality management systems (FSSC22000, ISO22000, ISO9001, etc.) in order to standardize the Group’s food safety and quality assurance systems. Having gained the certifications, our work sites are continuing their improvement efforts to enhance customers’ confidence in us and are emphasizing the safety and reliability of our products.

Commitment to dietary education

As a multifaceted food company, based on our “Contribute to people’s health through food” mission, the NIPPN Group is conducting dietary education in order to communicate accurate knowledge about food.

“Dietary Education Department of Tamesue College” project

There are concerns that the physical capabilities of children in Japan may be declining owing to the changing social environment. NIPPN launched the “Dietary Education Department of Tamesue College” project in fiscal 2013 in cooperation with Mr. Dai Tamesue, a former professional track and field athlete. He periodically visits elementary schools across Japan and gives special classes on food and physical education.